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My popcorn plants are almost as tall as me. They’re getting tassels now but no sign of ears yet.

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  • Your popcorn has really done well. I love how corn rows intertwine each other. I was just photographing corn fields in the country today. That is until the heavens opened up. Can't wait to see your popcorn harvest.

  • the one thing that will not work in my garden is corn…..any suggestions for my 2010 garden?

  • Corn does need space. I'm still hoping my three short rows produce real popcorn. But I have LOTS of other suggestions!

    1. Tomatoes: Brandywine and Sungold cherry, Giant Belgium and Purple Calabash.
    2. North Carolina pickling cucumbers
    3. Sunburst patty pan squash
    4. Chiogga beets
    5. Provider green bush beans
    6. Fresh edamame (soy beans): Butterbeans
    7. Lettuce: Prizehead, Big Boston, and red oak leaf
    8. Garlic from cloves at your Farmers Market
    9. Genovese basil (Nufar) for pesto
    10. Potatoes, Rio Grande pure whites (and Russets) to grill
    11. Cayenne peppers to dry for pizza
    12. lots of FireBall marigolds
    13. giant Big Rock pumpkins
    14. and the 10 tall, 15 inch flowers of Lyng's California Greystripe sunflowers

    But then this is only part of the list….

  • I'm growing corn for the first time this year, and it is doing good as far as I can tell. I planted mine in a 4 by 5 bed, raised 12 inches from the ground. I made wells with paper cups and planted the corn at the bottom of the well. Once they grew, I filled in the well, to give the corn more support. I have 4 rows of 5, and planted each row a week apart. I got this from a book called "cubed foot gardening"- not SFG, and not as good as SFG but the corn technique is one of the good things in the book….

  • Wonderful list, I already have my next year's plot thought up and I am definately going to put those ideas into consideration! Thank you Kathy!

  • I had good luck with sweet corn last year but this year they were forming tassels when they were only a foot high. The Indian corm is fine though. Maybe I started them too early in this cool summer?

  • Wonderful! My popcorn is looking exactly the same (southern NH). I am a little nervous that I only planted 2 rows, I've heard 3 is best for good pollination. I am thinking to hand pollinate…any ideas about when it's best to do that? I am looking forward to seeing when you harvest yours!

  • My popcorn plnats have tassles but no ears. I'm unsure about what to expect or when. Does anyone know what happens next? I planted for the first time hoping I'll have popcorn to share with my kindergarten class this school year.

  • I'm glad you reminded me about this! I was very worried about my popcorn last week too. Tassels but no ears. And everyone else's sweet corn has had big ears for many weeks now. I thought I had lost my popcorn crop.

    BUT! in the past few days all of a sudden the ears are growing fast. Its amazing. Don't give up yet. Watch for little silks at the leave junctions.

    I am also enjoying the rustling sound of the stalks as the wind blows through.

    Good luck!


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