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I planted a bunch of seeds over the past few days. I’m imagining a full garden soon.

Summer lettuce: red Cherokee and green Cherokee and escarole. Lots of beans. Bush beans: Provider and royal burgundy. Soybeans: Envy and Butter Beans. Pole beans: Fortex and Chinese long beans. Fall crops: Tuscan and blue curled scotch kale, collards, marathon and blue wind broccoli, and Chiogga and Lutz beets. And some flowers: bachelor buttons and nasturtiums. Plus, I put in more peas, Sugar Sprint and Wando, just to see what happens.

“Blue Kale” is short for blue-curled scotch kale, a new (for me) old variety from Sand Hill that I’m trying this year.

I figure since we’ve had such cool weather so far and who knows what’s next, I just put in all kinds of crops. I was interested to read that Tiny Farm is still planting lots of spinach with the cool weather.

Last year I started my fall crops (peas, beets, lettuce, broccoli and Chinese greens) too late. Here’s a post. I planted July 18 and August 3. I’m only a week earlier this year. I’ll try to tend them better this year.

I planted things pretty close together and will transplant most out to my plot after the seedlings come up. Maybe my lettuce, fava beans and some potatoes will be harvested by then.

I changed my sidebar countdown to count down until my first frost. Arghh. I was thinking this is coming soon. My internal seasonal clock seems to feel its September already, because of the cool weather. But am happy to realize its MANY days … months!… away still.

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  • Dawnie (CT)
    July 12, 2009 5:48 PM

    I have a feeling that our "first frost" is forever changed. Just like our "last frost" date has been happening later in recent years. I hope that our first frost comes later than supposed to. I don't remember when it was last year.

    The Worlds weather patterns are forever changed!!

  • I hope your first frost doesn't hit to soon!
    I'm in Canada so it's still summer here and the sun is out alot with only a couple clouds, other than the rainy bit this week when we almost had a tornado….
    But last week I planted my herbs, which was late, but I was so suprised how fast my thyme popped up! I'ts my first time planting from seed so..i'm really exited to see my other herbs and bean plant pop up!

    I wish you all the luck with your fall crop!

  • Just remember sometimes we have those blazing hot Augusts followed by fantastic dry and sunny Septembers, so that suddenly, no matter what insulted us in June and July, all is right with the world. Here's to that!

  • Here here!

  • I can't cope with thinking about fall planting when it's just starting to feel like summer. (And where will I put seedlings so they don't bake?)

    But I guess I need to figure that out if I want fall crops.

  • I am happy the end of the season is still a long way down the road as well. This cool weather does seem to throw you for a loop. I'm hoping to do much better with fall crops as well. I started celery, broccoli & brussels sprouts 1.5 months ago and planted them out about two weeks ago. I just order a bunch of seed the other day which was rather late. I have winter radishes, kale, corn salad, mizuna, asian cabbage, chicory and purple sprouting broccoli coming along with seed I already have like spinach, asian greens, swiss chard and those short carrots. Here's hoping we both have a good fall/winter harvest!

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