potato sprouts

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potato sprouts

Lots of spuds coming up! Exciting. As they grow up, I fill in the trenches with dirt until the trenches are filled in, always leaving the top leaves of the plants uncovered and in the sun.
potatoes (Solanum tuberosum)

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  • One of my favorite times of the veggie year is when the potatoes poke their first leaves through.
    They look to be growing very well too.

  • Your potatoes look great! I am taking an inordinate amount of enjoyment from my potato plants, which seem to be at about the same stage as yours, this year. Who knew they were so fun? Okay, maybe Stewart knew…

  • MarianLondon(UK)
    May 14, 2009 6:38 AM

    Hi there Kathy, pictures and info great as always. Potatoes are so rewarding to grow. Just returned home from holiday to find the first and second earlies doing really well, luckily my sister is sharing the lottie with me and earthed them up. I am very excited about and particularly looking forward to the International Kidneys never grown them before. These are the variety that are sold as Jerseys here in the UK (they just adopt the name of the island). They are delicious!! By the way the posting you made a few weeks ago about the shore birds in Florida was great as we were able to name them as we spotted them. I love the abundance of wild life there.
    Marian London(UK)

  • Uhu – my potatoes (seed) are still in a box in the garage. Plan to have the garden ready for them in a few days. So nice to see the first leaves coming up.

  • trish from SE PA
    May 14, 2009 7:14 PM

    Taters are looking good! Mine are about 8-10 inches high. Ihave heard to use straw to mound them up, I am trying cut grass.They seem to be happy and growing.I have them randomly spaced. Next year I will try them in rows. The whole garden is somewhat of an experiment, like the broccoli and kolrabi did not fare well. I broke down and bought tomato plants but, I do think some are trying to come up where fruits landed and stayed last fall. little clusters all over the place.

  • Be careful with cut grass – I’ve heard using grass clippings as mulch means you might get a lot of grass seeds that will try to turn your vegetable beds into a meadow.

  • I can honestly say, my potatoes are going nuts! First year, and they are quite interesting as they grow so fast!

  • I’m so glad you posted about your potatoes. I, like MarianLondon, scattered my potatoes out in a big patch. I only dug in about 4″, so they stems are getting pretty tall now. I need to start hilling up the soil.


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