me at the garden center in the rain

me at the garden center in the rain

I’m learning to just go about the usual things and ignore the rain. With a big umbrella and a warm coffee, what’s a little rain…..

One thing for sure though – the colors of flowers and the greens of plants are just beautiful in the dark and dreary weather.

Credit goes to my sister, the photographer here.

BTY, this is Bonny’s in Cambridge MA. Go and buy some plants! I think all NE garden centers are badly in need of business now with the bad economy AND weather 🙁

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  • What a pretty picture!!!

    Love all the flowers! Wish I could go to Bonnie's in Cambridge… but I'm too far away now…

  • Coffee, red umbrella, flowers, what a perfect day!

  • I love going to garden centers when it's raining. Fewer people and more time to stop and smell the roses, as it were.

  • Great picture. And hooray for Bonny's! They're the best.

  • Big umbrella and warm coffee will do the trick. It's hot in CA so I do big umbrella and cold coffee…

  • Marian(LondonUK)
    July 2, 2009 7:52 PM

    I would love to visit this part of the US, my husband visited with his Aunt 30 odd years ago I have still to persuade him that it would be good to visit again!!! I think he was spooked out by people who could record their families back to the Mayflower!! Funny weather doing funny stuff to plants over here, much too hot 32 degrees in London today, thunder storms expected, good I say.

    Enjoy your hols!

  • Looks like a great garden center and full of color. I love taking photos on over cast days, perfect time to get some close up shots.


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