the 4th of July !!! Cheers to the summer!

4th martini
Our 4th martini. Our 4th ribs. And Skippy’s 4th nap. Not too bad. Thank goodness for a whole day of full sun. (perfect, if the Sox would have had won…)

4th empthy martini 4th ribs on the grill
4th nap

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  • I love your patio so much. Looks like a good time except for the Sox. We're Yankee fans at my house, but I still like you!

  • I have enjoyed your taste in landscapping & from the looks of your 4th of July Meal….I think we would really get along:)

    Love the "puppy".

  • Ahh.. what a dog's life! Did Skippy manage to beg a few scraps from the BBQ?

  • Looks great…we did the 4th of July at our house – roasted a pig…and blogged it!

    I was feeling down about my garden as I compare mine to yours but as my guests looked around they were impressed by the amount of flowers on my tomatoes I guess all the worm tea I have been using is working!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend – thanks for sharing your vast knowlege with the rest of us!!!

  • Hi Kathy, just wanted to drop a line to say that for the past year and a half now, I've been hooked on your blog! Your photos are a amazing. Keep up the great work!

  • Love the patio and the cute dog pic!


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