prime lettuce season

Boston lettuce heads
boston lettuce head prizehead lettuce

I am SO excited to have big heads of Boston lettuce forming. I haven’t grown this variety before and it is just beautiful! I may have a new favorite lettuce variety. My old favorite, Prizehead, is doing good too.

It seems that the slugs prefer Prizehead to Boston.

WARNING: The photo below may be offensive to some gardeners. Don’t scroll down if you are bothered by the sight of slugs.

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  • Boston is my very favorite lettuce – and I do not like sharing it with slugs.
    Looks just beautiful (the lettuce, not the slug).

  • I ma so jealous of your Boston lettuce!! I planted some but it never formed heads, it just started to grow up and act like a leaf lettuce. Do you have any tips? For now my solution s to hit up the Copley farmer's market tomorrow.

  • Boston's my favorite lettuce too. We aren't growing any this year, but maybe next year.

  • Your lettuce looks so gorgeous!!! How long did it take for it to grow this big? My lettuce are growing so slow 🙁

  • that was what i wanted – Boston lettuce – and what I thought i was getting when I planted green leaf lettuce. 🙁 🙁 oh well, next year.

  • I grew some mini-version of Boston lettuce for the first time this year, and have to say it's a VERY nice change from all the leaf lettuce… Yours are beautiful!

  • That looks so good. It's so hot here that everything is burning up and withering. Even watering doesn't help.


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