Obama Foodarama

Here’s a nice new blog – http://obamafoodorama.blogspot.com/.

“The Obama’s harvested 12 pounds of snap peas and 73 pounds of lettuces and a single lone cucumber this week.

“The First Lady gave a remarkable, policy-dense speech–considering she was primarily addressing fifth graders–and discussed food deserts, food security and food justice; getting more fresh and nutritious foods into the USDA’s Child Nutrition programs; the critical issue of reducing diet-related disease; supporting local and smaller food producers; encouraging urban and community gardening.”

3 cheers for community gardening! Go Michelle!

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  • What a wonderful site! Thank you for the address.

  • It is amazing the buzz that has been created about the "White House" food since Obama took office. Hopfully people will not forget once he leaves!

    The Obama's have set a wonderful example and have set the stage. It is now up to every American to carry the message forward that you can produce some of your own food and how rewarding and beneficial to our planet it can be!!

    Next challenge for the White House COMPOSTING and VERMICOMPOSTING!!!

  • Wow! That's a lot of peas and lettuce.

  • Geee. I'm not thinking about the Obama's leaving! They just got there. The garden has just gotten going. Yes – the example is great.

    Composting is my big step this year. I've always composted my garden and yard waste, but this year, my kitchen scraps are going in too.


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