first harvest of the season



My Mom beat me! Her arugula is this year’s first harvest. She planted her seeds out in the garden back in very early April, I think. I didn’t plant my early outdoor seeds on time this year for some reason (I think was busy making raised beds or some other excuse.)

Anyway – Thanks Mom! Yummy, tangy, fresh, first-of-the-season arugula.

Below is a picture of my parent’s garden. I’m helping a lot this year as my dad is recovering from back surgery.

dad's garden

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  • We had our first harvest today as well, heatwave lettuce, red leaf and one radish! Put it all in a salad with some store bought roma tomatoes and home made mozzarella. Dressed it with some home made red wine vinegar and olive oil. Very rewarding!!

  • Wonderful! Cause for celebration. A whole season of veggies is ahead.

  • The only thing ready here so far are the strawberries which I need to get some netting around to keep the robbins out. ;O) Nice looking garden. Sure hope you dad has a quick recovery!

  • My first harvest was my spinach! 😀 I guess that’s more of a cool season crop though.

    OH, and my asparagus really did come back! I just picked some yesterday but they’re growing from such a weird place, I really do need to replant it. I wonder when’s a good time to dig them up?

    Is all that fencing around the garden for deer?

  • I picked radishes last week.

  • Three radishes and some baby romaine made up our salad on Sunday.

    It’s the little things that count, am I right? 🙂

    Karen in DE

  • I’ve been picking lettuce and spinach for the last week; I’ve also had a couple of radishes.

  • Hi Kathy – I love your blog!
    You are luckily way ahead of us – here in NY we just had a hard frost on June 1st! Needless to say, not a lot of harvesting going on!
    I can’t wait to watch your garden grow this season!

  • The arugula looks great. I have never tried it but am planning on planting it as a fall crop.

  • Been eating green onions,lettuce and toy choy with mustard greens. Sugar peas should be next!

  • Did you have any problems with flea beetles eating your arugula? They always attack my mustard greens from day one. I have tons of arugula, and sylvetta, but it's full of holes. If you spared yours, could you tell me how? Thanks!


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