a happy Easter with freshly dug potatoes

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potatoes and lamb on a plate
grilled potatoes and onions easter table

The over wintered potatoes I dug on Good Friday were grilled to perfection today (with onions) by the head griller here (my spouse). Really nice with spring lamb, broccoli and asparagus, spinach salad and dyed eggs. We were joined by my parents and had a good time together.

I had a big surprise on awakening – kind of like Christmas – the Easter bunny left a couple gifts for me right in the middle of the dining room: a big red wheel barrow, a new rake and a garden shovel! All of which I have been looking for. Wonderful!

potatoes in blue collander potatoes under water

Some of the over wintered potatoes were a bit ratty looking on the edges, but I peeled this off and they were crisp and creamy white underneath. I remember last fall I was in a hurry to dig them and make room for a fall planting of greens. I missed many small ones and some big ones. I considered using these for seed potatoes, but I have plenty from mail order. And I was really pleased to have a homegrown vegetable for the Easter table.

My old potato patch was in an area of the plot that will be my main path this year. So as I dug, I shoveled soil into my new beds to raise them more. My new potato bed will be a little bigger and in a different spot this year.

my easter presents
easter rose easter eggs

potatoes (Solanum tuberosum)

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