sun burned basil

burnt basil

A bit of burning on the tender basil leaves from their first days out in the sun. Other seedlings look fine. Its hard to know what’s too much for the young plants. I put them out again today, but its cloudy which should be easier on them.

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  • Wow, except for the burn, those basil seedlings look great. I can’t quite tell from the photo – how tall are they? When did you start them?

    I had zero success with my first round of basil seeding, but I’m going to try again (and also buy some seedlings at the market).

    – Amelia

  • Caroline from VA
    April 18, 2009 9:10 PM

    Your seedlings look great, Kathy, despite a little bit of sunburn. Your parsley is standing up so straight! Question: does it matter if seedlings get leggy? Inspired by your blog, I started my own seeds indoors this year. I very happily planted the first of them last weekend and hovered over them like the proud mama I am. But then I went to my local nursery this morning, and their seedlings looks so much better! The foliage on the marigolds was much fuller, and none of the herbs had stems anywhere near as long as mine. Have you had this problem? Is an artificial light source for the seedlings the only solution?

  • I too have leggy seedlings and hope they will be OK. I had started some zinnias too, far too early probably and they are sporting a sunburn!

  • My basil was planted on March 7.

    It is short. Maybe 2 cm tall. It did very well outside today with no more burning and I think will be healthy. It was a mostly cloudy day here today, with some sun, and some drizzle and lots of warm temperatures. Ahh. All my seedlings had a goooooood day.

    Yes, it is very important to have short seedlings! Leggy is not good. They are not getting enough light. There will be more trouble getting used to full sunlight if they get leggy.

  • I burnt my early tomato today. I was busy building my build-as-you-grow potato bin and total forgot about it. I seem to burn my tomatoes every year though. Good thing burnt plants rebound fast.

  • Yes, they do seem as happy as their gardeners to put up with some sunburn and other minor insults from overdoing it in the spring fresh air.


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