the season’s first patio dinner

grill candles on the table
grilling skippy in the dark

A lovely warm spring night was perfect for patio dining. Our first “dinner out” of the season. No fresh garden veggies, yet that will come.

my back patio

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  • MarianLondonUK
    April 19, 2009 7:23 AM

    Hi Kathy, looks great I love eating outside, hopefully we will be able to do it more this Summer, we only managed 2 bbq’s as it was cool and wet. Can I spy a Martini or two?
    Have a great Sunday.

  • I see asparagus on the grill. We have a ton of asparagus poking up through the soil. So, even though it is ugly and cool today in Ohio we are having rain that will push the asparagus up for a harvest in a few days. We have the English muffins, eggs and country ham in waiting as well as the lemon for the Hollindaise.

  • I wish that was homegrown asparagus on the grill but it was shipped in from somewhere else.

    I’m expecting a shipment of asparagus crowns any day now and the plot is almost ready for it.

    Your spring meal sounds delicious!

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