winter skies

winter sky 1 winter sky 3
winter sky 5
winter branches  5 winter branches 1

Yesterday Skippy and I went to check out my community garden plot. I would have loved to do some gardening, weed a bit or take photos of vegetables. But the gardens are like frozen tundra 🙁 So Skippy ran around and I took photos of the sky – which is spectacular at this time of year.

I’d rather be gardening….

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  • I think this time of year is the best time to photograph clouds. They always seem to be so interesting in the winter. Must be from all the low pressure systems we get? Great Photos.

    That Mason Bee Home looks interesting. I watch wild bees build homes in my house all the time. We live in a century old home that is full of small drill holes in the brick & foundation, I imagine from hanging this and that over time. They are pretty captivating to watch as they bring material, then small insects and then cap the hole with a piece of leaf. Nature always seems to find a way.

  • In thinking about the sky yesterday, I think the low pressures and the thin cold air…. Plus no leaves in the way and not much else to look at.

    I’ve never seen wild small bee homes. We have the big bumble bees in rocks in our yard. You are very observant.

  • I was travelling home on the train yesterday and I saw that very same moon! all the way over here in London. What was spectacular though, was a huge red sun as it was setting – never seen anything like it!

  • I know what you mean, no matter how much beauty I find in the winter (trees with ice, skies, etc) I too long to see things start to grow again. But the sky *is* lovely, with those drifting clouds. Well, as long as it is from inside on the really freezing days 😉

  • Not much gets by me 🙂

  • Matron – isn’t that wonderful that you have the very same moon way over there in London!

    (I bet Dan saw it too….)


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