today’s harvest



Red Summer Crisp (Batavian) lettuce, Easter Egg multicolor radish, Chiogga beets and Cherokee Purple tomatoes.

harvests from my vegetable gardens

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  • Everything there looks wonderful, but the beets look especially good to me!

  • Cherokee Purple tomatoes are my favorite, I have grown them every year for the 5 years I have grown tomatoes. This year the first clutches were rather mussy from all the rain we had but the later ones have been wonderful.

  • Oh those beets, well everything looks great!

  • The tomatoes were lousy. I don’t know if they were overripe, but they got all sorts of little rotten spots on then immediately after I brought them home. Some vegetables just don’t make the trip in my bag well – from garden to home – usually with a dog walk in there too. Oh well. Good for the compost.

    The lettuce crisped up really well in cold water and was delicious! Enough for 3 nights – 6 salads.

    The radish are an excellent variety, very crisp and mild.

    I’m looking forward to enjoying the beets and greens tonight. Ahhhh… They are the best.


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