shell beans


shelled beans

I planted several types of shell beans this year, but was bad about labeling them. I’m not sure what varieties these are. Nevertheless, I like the way all the colors look together.

I am not going to dry these beans, but will eat them fresh, or semi-dry, as they are in the photo. They won’t need to cook as long as dry shell beans and are supposed to taste better. We’ll see.

Here’s a list of all the types of beans I remember planting this year, mostly just small patches of each. And some did not sprout, so all types are not necessarily represented here. Plus I planted some seed that I collected and saved from last year. And it seems to me the big gray beans are some pole bean I bought mid summer and forgot to write down. I don’t remember what it would have been.

Beans: Royal purple beans has white seeds
Beans: yellow wax beans has black seeds
Beans: Provider (green bush bean, purple seeds)
Beans: Isar (a yellow fillet bush bean, black seeds)
Shell Beans: Flagrano (a bush bean, French Flageolet, pale greenish seeds)
Shell Beans: Tongue Of Fire (pole horticultural bean, large red striped pods & seeds)
Shell Beans: Black Turtle Soup (a bushy plant, small black bean)

beans in shells unshelled beans


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