rainy day

wet garden
newly planted tomatoes seedlings plot
I got 12 tomato poles up and 5 of 24 tomato plants planted! I also laid the plastic film on the tomato bed at my community plot. I hope to get all my tomato plants in the ground tomorrow, along with my cukes and squashes.

I’m glad to be able to use my Flickr photo site again. Photos say much more than words.

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  • your garden is an inspiration its so neat and well laid out.
    Thanks for sharing

  • I look forward to seeing how you get on with your plastic mulch under your tomatoes. I am trying to plant some low ground cover beneath mine this year.

  • I keep watching you post about all you have done with your plots and I think “I wish I had the money to hire you to plan my back yard garden” I know that you are near enough to do something like that, but until I win the lottery… yeah not gonna happen. Oh to be rich enough to pay someone for their talents!

  • I dont know how you keep up with all your plantings! I just put about 20 tomatoes in the ground this morning. Beef steak, Brandywine, Big boy and cherry’s.

  • Hi,

    I am new to vegetable gardening. I found your site and it is truly amazing and informative. Your pictures do help me to visualize on some of the how-tos. Thanks a lot.

    Purnima (from Bay area, CA)


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