alpine strawberry blossoms

strawberry flower 2

alpine strawberries (Fraises des bois)

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  • the landscaper guy dug up all my strawberries thinking they were weeds. I’m still so pissed off.

  • My white strawberries are in full bloom too.

    I know I still have them, but I’ve misplaced the strawberry seeds you sent me. I’m sure I’ll find them in time to plant them next year. My house is usually a bit of a mess, but now with the foundation work around the corner, lots of stuff is packed away in boxes and it’s getting hard to find anything right now. I’ve misplaced several packets of seeds already.

  • These starwberries are like weeds as they require no work. Too bad they got dug up…

    I’m very glad to hear you got the mailed seeds. I’m sure they’ll keep. And if you’re seed saving system is like mine, you’ll find it eventually. (I just found some nice garlic and cilantro seeds in my garage – of all places. I forgot.) I love electronic data as I seem to be able to keep track of it.

    I hope your foundation work goes well. I remember photos you posted last year. Quite a job.


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