new community garden

new community garden
This is a new community garden in Cambridge. It looks so neat and bare. I’m wondering what it will look like with active gardens. Skippy and I walk by here often to check for activity. None yet.


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  • If those squares are single plots, they look pretty small…

    It is a pretty garden, the way it’s laid out.

    It seems like security might be a problem in a place like that. Is your new community garden protected with a fence or anything?

  • That’s true. Small plots and no fences between the plots. There is a secure fence around the perimeter though. I’m very curious to see how it works out.

    My plot will be in an area that looks completely different. Lots of home made fencing of all different materials between plots. A random and messy look. I’m looking forward to getting my assignment. Only a few weeks now until April 1.

  • Have you decided yet what you will be planting in your plot, as compared to your garden at home?

  • Well, I put together a drawing. Its posted here. We’ll see how closely I follow this. Only two and a half more weeks ’til plots are assigned! I hope I get a good one.


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