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fall cleanup
fall cleanup 2 planting garlic
Skippy 2
Yesterday morning, before the storm, Skippy and I finished up the fall garden cleanup. All of the summer vegetable plants are now removed, the garden has been raked and I planted a big bag of winter rye seed. I also put in the first of my garlic. I planted two rows, and have several more to plant later – maybe today.

Hurricane Noel, who came up the coast near us as a Nor’easter, gave us some rain and a bit of wind all afternoon yesterday, but didn’t cause us any problems. I was sort of hoping a few branches might blow down from the big tree that shades my garden – but no such luck.

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  • The annual autumn cleanup can be bittersweet, can’t it? It’s good to get things tidied up, but sad that another growing season is coming to a close. I started a compost pile at this new home just this week. Maybe the cleaning up with feel more therapeutic with all the garden waste eventually going back in the garden. I’m glad for your rain and sorry it didn’t bring your tree down…I guess!!! Have a great week! Chris

  • Skippy looks a bit sad here–winter coming and all, I suppose.

    I have started the cleanup, but have been dragging my feet. And I’m loathe to tear down the tomatoes and cages because the birds are enjoying them as shelter. It’s not like they don’t have anywhere else to go, but it’s my current excuse.

    A fellow dog lover…

    –Robin (Bumblebee)

  • What a great new excuse to leave the tomatoes standing! I was thrilled when Rusty in Miami commented recently that it looks like my tomatoes could go another month. I took it as a challenge to see how long they can go. Now I can say I’m leaving them up for the birds.

    I also hate to take the garden down. The only good part is that
    I can start planning next year’s garden soon. I try to wait until the New Year to start this.


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