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broc closeup
broccoli arugula
peas pea
pea flower
Next year, I’ll plant my fall crops a few weeks earlier.

The broccoli looks nice, but no signs of florets yet. My peas are blooming well – maybe they’ll produce some peas yet. They’re in a very warm spot right next to the south wall of the house. But its getting pretty cold now. The arugula and endive were meant to be a summer crop, but didn’t grow until it cooled off. They’re doing well now. My kale is doing great too, but then I planted that early last spring.

Our nights have been going down to the mid-thirties (just above freezing) for several weeks now. Most areas near me have frosted already, but my garden is very sheltered and is always the last to freeze.

But tonight the forecast is 25F! That should do it, even in my garden. I’ll have to find my garden blankets this afternoon.


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  • Good luck! But I assume by the time you read this you will know the outcome. Too bad about the broccoli. I had forgotten how long the growing season could be back east … but it seems as though this year was a little longer than most. What I would give for a couple more weeks in Oct.

    You do a very nice job with your page, just the right mix of comments/discussion with lots of very nice photos(understatement). You diserve an award, other than “Tallest Tomato!” You should consider writing for a news paper’s web page, it’s really that good, though I am not sure how one goes about such a thing.

    Anyway, until I get that garden bug again next March I hope you have a vey pleasant winter.
    Best regards.

  • Here in Australia I tend to grow my endive in the cool/colder months. I find it tends to go to seed once the warmer weather comes in.

  • Thanks. I wish my garden bug would go away for the winter. I’d have a lot more time for other things.

    About the endive. I’ve been seeding several types of greens (lettuce and endive and arugula) every few weeks all summer, just to experiment with what grows when. I had good crops with my early spring seedings, but very poor luck with greens after that. In the summer, none of them even sprouted. What did sprout, never really grew. Too hot, I guess and the fall is too short.

    I enjoyed reading about lucky-1’s chickens too. Good luck with your spring crops!


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