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I went over to the other side of the fence and looked at my garden today. This is how it looks to my neighbor. I have to admit I have seriously neglected my garden in the past month. My professional work has gotten the better of me.

Oh well.

I am afraid to stand under my tomato tepees too long as I know they are about to fall over. The vines are out of control this year. The tepees are leaning under the weight and I can’t get them stabilized.

The squashes are all done for the year and need to be pulled. The mildew won. (I do have one tiny, but cute, little pumpkin thats almost ripe.) Many chiles need to be picked and roasted and stored. I’ve missed picking many beans and lettuce heads, so I’m going to see if I can use these for seed.

Tomorrow is the start of a long (Columbus Day) weekend. Maybe it’ll be a good weekend for recovering the garden. Or at least hanging out and enjoying it.

This fall is very warm, yet again (a trend maybe?). It seems more like August than October. Yesterday Boston set a record for warmth. And our overnight lows have been unusually high most of the past month. My garden runs even warmer than our zone in the fall, and cooler in the spring. Something to do with its location, which is shaded and sheltered between tall houses in the suburbs. In any case, it does seem like a good weekend for overdue gardening.

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