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garden sept 18 2007
With only two days left to summer, here’s a late afternoon shot of my garden from the upstairs window.

Today I removed the row covers from the broccoli and kale since I haven’t seen any white butterflies around in a while. The plants look pretty good. The extra broccoli seedlings that I didn’t cover were eaten almost to nothing. I’ll eventually post photos of these two.

Also today, I got out my hoe and prepared some soil for my fall lettuce. I have some seedlings I planted several weeks ago. Tomorrow I hope to plant these and my last seeds of the year.

A full size version of this aerial photo is here. You can see all the plants close up.

aerial views of my home vegetable garden

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  • Hey, Cool garden! Must be challenging with 200 sf in such a northern climate. I gardened in 6th grade in southern california. The growing season was so nice but I have not had a garden since. I think I have missed it since then (I am now 23) and can’t wait to start sometime again. Your pictures and commentary were really nice to look at!!!

  • Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog. You have an amazing garden, especially for a small space! You have some very nice pictures as well. Thanks for sharing all your information with us!


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