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We have a convenient tomato processor that separates the skins and seeds from tomato juice and pulp. We add quartered tomatoes to the hopper and crank them through. The skin and seeds come out one side and the pulp comes out the other.

We ran about 25 big tomatoes through the tomato machine and make a nice batch of puree, which we simmered about an hour to make a nice sauce for pizza. We used a bit of this and froze the rest in baggies.

Almost everything is better grilled – pizza too! I cheat on the dough and pick up premade from Bertucci’s. Then layer on fresh garlic, olive oil, tomato sauce, basil leaves, sliced tomatoes, onions and some salt. Add mozzarella and goat cheese. Grill over a hot hardwood charcoal fire on pizza stones.

Aaahh! Delicious!


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