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april shovel and fences slush
These are photos of my garden this morning on the left and this afternoon on the right. Our weather is having a problem. Not really snow, its slush.

This morning I checked my soil temperature. 36F in one area, 40F in another. Bbbrrr. I’ve read that peas shouldn’t go in until the soil temperature is 50F! So I’m trying to be patient. Yesterday I turned the soil in one bed, where the peas will go. It is still frozen down at about 6-8 inches. It felt like my shovel kept hitting a big rock. I think my garden is slow to warm up because it gets alot of midday shade from the house next door (to the south). Its not a problem later in the season when the sun is higher, but I suppose this is what’s going on now.

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  • Have you considered covering the ground with plastic or with fleece? That helps warm it here in the UK. Black plastic absorbs the heat better, but clear plastic causes the weed seeds to germinate and you can then hoe them off before you plant your seeds so cutting out the competition.
    Sorry if this seems to be a very elementary suggestion, I’m not sure what is commonly done in the US…!

  • Thanks for the suggestion. Not elementary to me. And if it warms UK soil, I bet it’ll warm US soil too. I’ve used plastic under my tomatoes previously, but never to warm up the soil early in the season. In the past I have planted everything May 1-15, but this year I’m trying to extend my season.

    I really enjoyed looking through your blog. I like your hoops and green cover on your newly planted peas. I bookmarked you so I can read through when I have more time.

    I think will try some black plastic. Why not.. I think I even have some in the garage still.

  • My Dad used black plastic for years. Id give it a try. I like your garden beds and your blog.


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