vegetable harvest

I’m trying to keep a record of most of my vegetable harvests. Here’s another bowlful. Several tomatoes (I’m picking 2-3 a day now – Early Girl and Supersonics), my second yellow squash, a couple of cukes (I get about 1 cuke a day) and several jalapeño peppers (which look more like thin-skinned sweet Italian pepper to me, though they are HOT). Also, plenty of basil and parsley. The lettuce is not producing now and young seedlings are not growing well. Too hot I guess.  

vacation packing

We are leaving for a week in the Maine woods. I picked all the vegetables I could find in the garden, especially the ripe and partly ripe tomatoes. Lots of cukes, a few beans and lots of lettuce. I packed all this up and we brought it with us to the cabin. Lactuca sativaCucumis sativus

morning harvest

I’m going to have to keep an eye on the cucumbers. There are so many cukes on the vine! I picked the last of the peas and pulled up the plants today. I’ll plant beans in their place and see if they ripen before the season ends. And I started thinning the carrots. This is a job that I will gradually keep after. I like to eat the tiny ones.

pea harvest

Well, this is my pea harvest for the year. Three packages of pea seeds. A mix of snap and snow peas. My peas just didn’t sprout well and they grew slowly. Same as in previous years. It was suggested I add innoculum, which I will try next year if I don’t give up on peas. The lettuce is a much better use of space for us. By the way, I steamed the peas (5 min) and served them with fancy French sea salt. Very tasty. Pisum sativum