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Today I planted beets, spinach, celeriac, and onions. Also herbs, parsley, thyme, rosemary, and chives.

I planted a lot of beets and spinach. 144 beets and 64 spinach. These are for Aurelia’s Garden, the food pantry donation garden I work at. They are in the trays with 128 little cells and will get planted out in the field in a very early planting on the second week of April. We’re hoping the weather cooperates.

The celeriac, onions, and herbs will take more time to grow up. I’ll share them with Aurelia’s Garden. They probably won’t get planted in the garden until mid-May when they are nice and big.

I planted a few flowers too. Foxglove, alyssum, and snapdragons. It’s always nice to have color and food for pollinators in the garden. Alyssum is very easy to grow, blooms all season for me, and is great for attracting the tiny beneficial predator wasps that control many garden pests. The snapdragons are for Aurelia’s Garden (and for my mother). This year we are including a couple rows of cut flowers at the pantry garden, both for attracting pollinators and for fundraising sales at Farmers Markets.

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