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I bought a very inexpensive incubator and I’m trying to hatch some of my chickens’ eggs. I candled the eggs at days 6, 8, 10, and 15 to make sure they were developing and discarded the ones that weren’t. I added more eggs to fill all the spaces in my incubator. It’s pretty straightforward to see the veins at day 6, but after that, it’s hard for me to figure out if the egg is developing. In any case, ones that were obviously not viable, I discarded.

So today is the day some of my eggs should hatch. They’ve had 21 days of incubation. I have other eggs in the incubator I would expect to hatch on April 17 and 21. It’s kind of exciting to watch for an egg to hatch – especially since it’s the first time I’ve hatched any eggs. I hope I can get a post here of some little chicks. But I’m not going to be sure that will happen. It is a very cheap little incubator. (cheep, cheep ….)

BTW I like this information page on hatching eggs:

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