cold weather makes super sweet carrots!

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Baby carrots! I harvested them last week and I’m amazed how delicious they are. Really really sweet and very crisp. I wonder if the frosts and cold weather improve their flavor. …. Internet search …. Yes, it does! I didn’t know that.

“In order to defend itself against the cold, [carrots have] developed
all these amazing physiological responses, including increasing the
sugar content. Increasing the sugar content helps defend
against ice crystal formation, which can do all kinds of terrible things
to cells like dehydrate them, crush them, rupture them. … this increase in sugar content helps defend the carrot
against frost and cold.” UCLA’s Liz Roth-Johnson

This is called “cold sweetening” and happens to lots of vegetables. I knew it happened with parsnips, kale, and Brussels sprouts. I just didn’t expect these carrots to be so sweet!

The variety is Mokum. I planted in the middle of August, worrying that it was too late
in the season to get a crop. I’ll make this date for the future and will plant lots more of them!




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