digging parsnips in the spring

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On Easter morning (April 21) I dug the last of my parsnips. I’ve never overwintered them before but was told they are really sweet in early spring. So I left half of my crop in the ground last fall.

And, yes, they are excellent after overwintering! I roasted them with some red potatoes, and added olive oil, smoked paprika, and curry powder. Really delicious with our Easter

Easter morning I also dug a couple overwintered leeks (I have to remember to go dig the rest of them soon), and I picked a nice bunch of overwintered book choy. It’s so nice to be getting garden vegetables again! And digging in the dirt!!


IMG_E8354 IMG_E8353

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  • I so miss digging in the dirt. I have osteoarthritis and am unable to dig so my son built a structure for me and I am able to garden standing. I also do other container gardening. Do you publish information on container gardening? Love your posts for many years now. thank you

    • I am planning to do container gardening this year for my mother. I have collected seeds for vegetables that are compact and do well in containers. It is too much work for me to keep my mother’s whole garden soil fertile enough with compost to grow vegetables. And it’s a lot for my mom to water the whole garden. I’ll write a post soon on my container plans.


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