Happy New Year!


Wow, things are looking up! It’s New Year’s morning and only 41 days and counting ‘til I start planting! In 5 weeks – Feb 12 – the onion seeds go in.  It’s a brutal cold week – not above freezing for several weeks and nights often into negative numbers. But I’m going to start moving on my garden plan, organizing seeds, and cleaning seedling pots.

I have to admit that I escaped from the cold for a few days. I’m returning today from a few days in southern Florida (Naples area) with my Mom. I bought her a pruning saw and some nice clippers at Ace hardware and then I got some sun (a lot of sun) while I pruned the jungle-like bushes and small trees around her house. I love pruning!

Now a mimosa (!) in the airport to start the year off. I’ll be back home with my family and dogs in a few hours. I’ll change from sandals to boots, find my warm coat, and brave the snow and ice. Then I look forward to getting out my garden planing tools and drawing up garden plans for 2018!!!

Happy New Year – happy new gardens

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