grinding flint corn


flint corn IMG_1350

In my Master Gardener class last year, Roger Swain taught the vegetable gardening section. His opinion on corn is to skip growing sweet corn in a home vegetable garden since it takes up a lot of space and fresh corn is so readily available at farm stands. He grows varieties for grinding instead and demonstrated grinding corn he grew using a hand mill.

corn grinder - Roger Swain IMG_1018 corn grinder2 IMG_1018

Last summer I grew a small patch of flint corn in my garden – a wonderful old variety called Roy’s Calais. I wanted to try grinding it for cornbread. It seemed to me that a hand grinder takes a lot of work. I was lucky to get a grain mill attachment for my Kitchen-aide mixer from my husband for Christmas.

The mill was nice and easy to use. I ended up with a cup and a half of corn meal. Just enough for corn bread. The result was a great. Buttery creamy delicious. Definitely a richer flavor than the product I buy in the store.

grinding corn IMG_1357 grinding corn IMG_1376

corn bread IMG_1386 corn bread IMG_1397

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