my best tomatoes this year


I’m almost out of garden tomatoes. Two weeks ago I picked the last of the green ones on my tomato vines. They’ve been gradually ripening indoors. Yesterday I made a batch of sauce, probably my last one after a summer of making nearly a batch a week. I only have a couple tomatoes left 🙁

I’ve been thinking about which were my favorite varities this year. For slicing tomatoes, it was an heirloom variety called True Black Brandywine (seeds from Baker Creek). It’s not related to Brandywine and doesn’t have that mealy flesh. Its flavor and texture are fantastic and it’s beautifully colored – deep purple with green shoulders.

true black brandywine IMG_0618
true black brandywine IMG_0547 true black brandywine IMG_0573

My best sauce tomatoes were San Marzano and Opalka. San Marzano gave me a huge number of middle sized tomatoes. Opalka had fewer tomatoes but they were enormous and perfect for sauce.

I grew about 20 varieties this year – a couple of each. Next year I’m planning to grow many fewer varieties. Probably slicing tomatoes: True Black Brandywine, Orange Blossom, Pink Beauty, Cherokee Purple, and Mortgage Lifter.
Sauce tomatoes: San Marzano and Opalka.

I’d love to hear what tomatoes did best for other gardeners.

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