wet weather harvest

Harvests, Watching the Seasons

Today I spent a hour or so at my community garden plot. Tasks:

Pick red raspberries
Harvest 4 big butternut squash
Pick ripe tomatoes, eggplant, peppers
Pull and compost dead tomatoes plants
Pull and compost spent summer squash vines
Weed escarole bed with my Dutch hoe
Sow seeds for Daikon, salad radish, and spinach to replace a row of escarole eaten by chipmunks

The good part was I didn’t need to water the garden. Bad part, I got soaked by the rain (tropical storm Jose) that we’ve had a couple days now.

I am just now noticing that it’s only 3 weeks til our average first frost date (Oct10). How can that be!  It’s been in the 70-80s this week and not much below 50F at night. Crazy weather, but I won’t complain about warmth.

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