lost chicken


chickens huddled IMG_6133

I was very sad to loose one of my laying hens yesterday. I suspect it was a hawk the got her. We have a giant pair of red-tails often nearby. The chicken was my best layer, Roxy, a barred rock – the black and white one up front in the picture above. Her carcass was at the edge of the woods, half eaten. I buried it. Now I have three hens. The others are very somber. I imagine it was terrifying for them to see.

four eggs IMG_9829 chickens IMG_6730

Roxy laid big brown eggs. The one up front. I’m thinking about getting another hen or two later in the spring. We were getting 3 eggs a day, 20 a week. I think we’ll only have 2 a day now – about 2 dozen a week. Normally enough for a family of three, but my son is a serious baker. Seven eggs go into his pound cake recipe that’s a regular treat for us, his friends and co-workers.

Poor Roxy.

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