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Garden Structures

I walked through the heated greenhouse at Mass Hort, Elm Bank, in Wellesley MA. They’re getting ready for spring. Trays and trays of plugs are growing. Onions, broccoli, and lots of flowers.

MMGA_plugs_trays IMG_0460 MMGA_greenhouse IMG_0458

MMGA_onion_plugs IMG_0450 MMGA broccoli IMG_0448

They have two greenhouses. The small heated one and a large unheated one. Later they will transplant the plugs into larger pots, raise them to transplant size in the large greenhouse, then plant out to their garden.

MMGA_tomatoes IMG_0455 MMGA_watermelon IMG_0473

They also have some full size tomato, watermelon, and marigold seedlings ready. I don’t know what they will do with those. They’ll need a larger heated or protected spot soon.

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