2017 seed sowing

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Here’s my 2017 planting list that I’ll add to as I continue to plant. I’m noting in () the season the seeds were sold for. I’ll mark if they germinated for me. I plant a lot of different varieties but the amounts of each are small and I risk no germination for many by planting old seeds until they don’t germinate. Everything is at 70 degrees F for germination and growing this year, except the peppers that will go at 78 degrees F for germination.

February 23, sow indoors under lights
Onions, Stuttgarter (2017)
Onions, Ailsa Craig (2017)
Onions, Pontiac (2017)
Onions, Red Wethersfield (2017)
Onions, Walla Walla (2013) –failed
Onions, White Wing (2012) –failed
Onions, Purplette (2009) –failed
Bunching Onions, Nabechan (2015)
Bunching Onions, Guardsman (2011) –failed
Leeks, Giant Musselberg (2017)
Leeks, Bandit (2014)
Celeriac, Brilliant (2017)

March 5, sow indoors under lights
Arugula, Rucola (2012)
Arugula, Rucola (2008) –failed
Arugula, Selvatica (2013)
Arugula, Myway (2013)
Cabbage, Napa, Mini Kisaku 50 (2011)
Cabbage, Savoy, Alcosa (2009) –poor
Cabbage, Red Express (2017) (died)
Cabbage, Green, Murdoc (2016) (died)
Endive, Dubuisson (2013)
Escarole, Natacha (2012) –poor
Escarole, Natacha (2017) –poor
Escarole, Galia (2013) –failed
Herbs,Parsley, Dark Green Italian Plain (2014)
Herbs, Thyme, Creeping (2016)
Flowers, Hollyhock, Single Mix (2016)
Flowers, Ageratum, Tall Blue Planet (2017)
Flowers, Liatrus (1016)
Mustard Greens, Scarlet Frill (2016)
Radicchio, Perseo (2016) –failed
Radicchio, Chioggia Red Preco #1 (2011) –poor
Shallot, Zebrune (2017)
Spinach, Emperor (2017)

March 13, sow indoors under lights
Basil, Superbo (2017)
Basil, Eleonora (2015)
Beets, Red Ace (2016)
Beets, Chioggia Guardsman (2015)
Beets, Merlin (2014)
Endive, Broad-Leaf Batavian (2017) –failed
Eggplant, Hansel (2017)
Eggplant Mitoyo (2017)
Eggplant Barbarella (2017)
Flowers, Marigold, Queen Sophia (2015)
Flowers, Marigold, Cottage Red (2016) –poor
Flowers, Marigold, Judy’s Giant (hand collected for 2017) –poor
Flowers, Marigold, Gem Mix (2017)
Herbs, Parsley, Italian Large Flat Leaf (2017)
Herbs, Summer Savory (2017)
Herbs, Creeping Thyme (2015)
Kale, mixed in one pot: Vates (2015), Toscano (2016), Nash’s Green (2016)
   (I’m starting lettuce a couple weeks early for my winter tunnel.)
Lettuce, Bibb Green, Winter Density (2011)
Lettuce, Bibb Red, Rhazes (2017)
Lettuce, Butterhead Green, Buttercrunch (2016)
Lettuce, Butterhead Red, Skyphos (2013) –failed
Lettuce, Butterhead Red, Avicenna (2015) –failed
Lettuce, Butterhead Red, Speckles (2016)
Lettuce, Iceberg, Ice Queen (2016) –failed
Lettuce, Looseleaf Red, Red Sails (2016)
Lettuce, Oakleaf Red, Danyelle (2016)
Lettuce, Romaine Green, Ridgeline (2017)
Lettuce, Romaine Green, Monte Carlo (2017)
Lettuce, Romaine Red, Rouge d’Hiver (2009) –failed
Lettuce, Romaine Red, Truchas (2015)
Greens, Elegance mix (2010)
Onions, Early Yellow Sweet Spanish (2017)
Peppers, Joe’s Long Cayenne (2017)
Peppers, Thai Hot (hand collected for 2015)
Peppers, King of the North (2016)
Peppers, Canary Bell (2017)
Peppers, Leutschauer Paprika (2017)
Peppers, Ace (2015)
Peppers, Anaheim (2017)
Peppers, Numex Joe E Parker (2015)
Peppers, Poblano (2017)
Peppers, Ancho 211 (2015)
Peppers, Thai Hot (2009)
Peppers, Jalapeno (2017) –failed
Peppers, Emerald Fire (2016) –failed
   (3-24-2017: My peppers should be up. I dug down in many cells and couldn’t find germinating seeds. I checked temperature – 74 F. I can’t find anywhere in the house above 78 F. I’m on my way out now to get heat mat. I hope seeds haven’t rotted. I’ll replant everything as I think there’s a good chance they have rotted.) 3-26-2017: Peppers popped up in 2 days with heat mat! 

March 24, sow indoors under lights
Bok Choi, Win-Win (2013)
Broccoli, Red Fire (2017)
Broccoli, Bay Meadows (2016)
Broccoli, Diplomat (2015)
Broccoli, Happy Rich (2015)
Broccoli Raab (2013)
Flowers, Nigella (2016)
Flowers, Bells of Ireland (2016) –failed
Flowers, Tithonia Torch (2015) –failed
Flowers, Cleome Queen Mix (2017)
Flowers, Cleome Pink (hand collected 2015) –failed
Flowers, Cleome, Magenta (hand collected 2015) –failed
Flowers, Cosmos, Sensation Picote (2016)
Flowers, Cosmos, Celebration in Pink (2011) –failed
Flowers, Cosmos, Sulfureous (2009) –failed
Flowers, Cosmos, Sunshine Mix (2016)

March 27, sow indoors under lights
 – I decided to plant a few seeds (4) of all varieties I have. Some are pretty old.
Tomato, 1884 (2010) — 0 sprouts
Tomato, Beefsteak (2011) — 2 sprouts
Tomato, Blue Beech (2017) — 4 sprouts
Tomato, Box Car Willie (2009) — 2 sprouts
Tomato, Brandywine, Suddoth’s strain (2009) — 0 sprouts
Tomato, Carbon (2017) — 3 sprouts
Tomato, Cherokee Purple (2008) — 2 sprouts
Tomato, Cherokee Purple (2009) — 4 sprouts
Tomato, Giant Belgium (2008) — 1 sprout
Tomato, Heinz 2653 (2015) — 4 sprouts
Tomato, Jersey Devil (2016) — 3 sprouts
Tomato, Mortgage Lifter (2009) — 0 sprouts
Tomato, Opalka (2017) — 2 sprouts
Tomato, Orange Blossom (2015) — 3 sprouts
Tomato, Oxheart Red (2008) — 0 sprouts
Tomato, Pink Beauty (2015) — 4 sprouts
Tomato, Polish Linguisa (2017) — 4 sprouts
Tomato, Purple Calabash (2008) — 1 sprout
Tomato, Raspberry Large Red (2010) — 3 sprouts
Tomato, Red Siberian (2011) — 4 sprouts
Tomato, San Marzano (2015) — 4 sprouts
Tomato, San Marzano Gigante (2010) — 3 sprouts
Tomato, Shoshone (2016) — 4 sprouts
Tomato, Starling (2016) — 3 sprouts
Tomato, Sun Gold (2012) — 4 sprouts
Tomato, True Black Brandywine (2017) — 4 sprouts

March 31, sow in garden
Peas, Oregon Giant (2017) — eaten by chipmunks
Peas, Super Snap (2017) — eaten by chipmunks

April 3, sow indoors under lights
Swiss chard, Bright Lights (2017)
Swiss chard, Peppermint (2016)
Cabbage, Savoy Alcosa (2009, replant) –failed
Cabbage, Red Express (2016, replant)
Cabbage, Murdoc (2015, replant)
Bulb Fennel, Orion (2017)
Kale, Toscano (2016)
Flowers, Bachelor Buttons, Blue Boy (2009) –failed
Flowers, Purple Hyacinth Bean (2013)
Flowers, Snapdragons, Tall Deluxe Mix (2017)

April 4, sow indoors under lights
(Should have planted sweet peas outside, but after soaking o/n, weather was terrible outside.)
Flowers, Sweet pea, High Scent (2014) and Perfume Delight (2017)
Flowers, Snapdragon, Tall Deluxe Mix (2017)
Lettuce, Little Gem (2017)

April 5, sow indoors under lights
Flowers, Morning Glory, Split Second (2017)

April 11, sow indoors under lights
Flowers, Zinnia, Dwarf Profusion Single Mix (2016)
Flowers, Zinnia, Benary’s Giant Purple (2016)
Flowers, Bells of Ireland (2016) –failed
Flowers, Cosmos, Sensation Picote (2016)
Flowers, Cosmos, Celebration in Pink (2011) –failed
Flowers, Cardinal Climber (2017)
Flowers, Calendula Triangle Flashback (2016)

April 14, sow indoors under lights
Cucumber, Straight Nine (2017)
Cucumber, Miniature White (2013)
Cucumber, Parisian Gherkin (2015)
Cucumber, Little Leaf (2016)
Cucumber, Diva (2017)
Cucumber, Suyo Long (2017)
Summer squash, Early White Bush Scallop (2015)
Summer squash, Zucchini Costata Romanesco (2014) — eaten by chipmunks
Summer squash, Yellow Multipik (2014)
Winter squash, Acorn Honey Bear (2012) — eaten by chipmunks
Winter squash, Blue Ballet (2013) –failed
Winter squash, Jarrahdale (2013) –failed
Winter squash, Yokohama (2016)
Winter squash, Kabocha Orange Sunshine (2013)
Winter squash, Buttercup Burgess Strain (2012)
Winter squash, Long Island Cheese (2010) –failed
Winter squash, Ute Indian (2016)
Winter squash, Galeux D’Eysines (2010)
Winter squash, Rouge Vif d’Etampes (2011)
Winter squash, Waltham Butternut (2012)
Gourd, Speckled Swan (2017, hand collected)

April 15, transplant to bigger pots

May 1, sow in garden
Carrot, Bolero (2014)
Carrot, Scarlet Nantes (2017)
Carrot, Oxheart
Parsnip, Turga (2017)
Radish, French Breakfast
Dill, Mammoth (2010)

May 10, sow in garden
Dent Corn, Roy’s Calais (2017)
Beans, Maxibel Bush (2015)

May 25, sow in pots outside on tables
Lettuce, Cherokee (2016)
Lettuce, Muir (2014)
Belgian Endive, Wiltloof di Bruxelles (2017)
Broccoli Raab (2013) (too late in season – bolted immediately)
Brussels Sprout, Nautic (2013)
Bok Choy, Mei Qin Choi (2013)
Soy beans, Edamame from R. Swain (hand-collected 2016)
Soy beans, Tohya (2016)

May 28, sow in garden
Popcorn, Calico (2015)
Beans, Shung Yuang Asian White Pole bean (hand-collected 2015)
Beans, Neckargold Pole bean (2014)

May 28, sow in pots outside on tables
(I’m sowing beans, squash, sunflowers in pots kept on my patio  – chipmunks eat these seeds in the garden.)
Beans, Lima, Burpee Improved (2017)
Beans, Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans (2017)
Beans, Jacob’s Cattle Bean (2015)
Sunflower, Mammoth (2010) (failed to sprout)
Sunflower, Autumn Beauty (2009) (failed to sprout)
Summer Squash, Zucchini Costata Romanesco (2014)

June 12, sow in garden
Beets, Red Ace
Carrot, Mokum (failed to sprout – inconsistent watering)
Carrot, Bolero (failed to sprout – inconsistent watering)
Radish, Rudolf
Radish, Watermelon (failed to bulb)

June 12, sow in pots outside on tables
Lettuce, Cherokee
Lettuce, Muir

June 15, sow in pots outside on tables
Beans, Black Turtle Soup

June 20, sow in garden 
Carrot, Bolero
Carrot, Negovia
Carrot, Purple 68
Carrot, Mokum
Carrot, Napoli

July 10, transplant to garden
Brussels sprouts
Belgian endive

July 12, sow in pots outside on tables
Lettuce, Little Gem
Lettuce, Edox
Lettuce, Italienischer
Lettuce, Monte Carlo

July 22, sow in garden
Radish, KN-Bravo (a sweet purple daikon)
Radish, Nero Tondo (a black round Spanish radish)

July 24, sow in pots outside on tables
(Fall greens! I planted small amounts of many of my seed packages to see if they are still viable. It is really hot still, but these plants will mature in cool September or October weather.)
Arugula, My Way (2013)
Arugula, Franchi (2011)
Arugula, Franchi (2009)
Arugula, Selvatica (2013)
Arugula, mix of all the above
Broccoli, Summer Purple (2017)
Broccoli, Kailaan (Chinese kale) (2017)
Escarole, Dubuisson  (2012)
Escarole, Dubuisson  (2017)
Escarole,  Tres Fine (2012)
Escarole, Natacha (2016)
Escarole, Frisee (2017)
Lettuce, Ice Queen (2016)
Lettuce, Winter Density (2011)
Lettuce, Lettuce, Truchas (2015)
Lettuce, Salanova (2017)
Napa, Michihili
Napa, Minuet
Napa, Mini Kisaku
Radicchio, Perseo (2015)

Sept 9, sow in garden (for winter harvest)
Arugula, Myway
Spinach, Emporer

Sept 14, sow in garden (for winter harvest)
Dill, Mammoth
Cilantro, Calypso

Sept 16, sow in pots outside on tables (for winter harvest)
Basil, Eleonora

(last updated: 9-16-17)

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