5 weeks ’til I start planting!

Garden Planning

It’s 16 weeks ’til my last spring frost – which means only 5 weeks ’til I start planting! OK, it’s still a while, but why not start getting ready. I have to clean off my plant shelves, get my pots and trays out of the garden shed and clean them all, make sure I have potting soil, and get my seeds ready to go.

I’ll be using my planting app again. It’s made it very easy for me to keep up with what to plant when. It’s at the Apple Store and Google Play. We’re in the process of making some upgrades, which should be fun.

The app has no flashy graphics like other planting apps, but also unlike others – it’s written by gardeners, contains a lot of information and flexibility, it’s very simple to use, no in-app purchases, and it incorporates feedback from the many gardeners who read this blog. Now that I’ve finished my gardening class, I can also say that the app was written by a “Master Gardener”! Anyway, I find it very useful.

Skippys planting apps IMG_6559 Skippys planting apps IMG_6525

Skippys planting apps IMG_6530 Skippys planting apps IMG_6529

If you search the Apple store for “vegetable” it’s the second app listed, and our other apps follow. Or you can use this link: https://skippysgarden.com/apps/ We have two apps, a “Vegetable” app and an “Herb and Flower” app. The Vegetable app, has three versions: Spring only, Fall only, Winter only (each $0.99), and the full season app ($1.99).

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