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backyard garden IMG_6129

Here’s a photo of my garden taken 4 day ago. It looks about the same today but with a thin dusting of snow and some ice in places. The winter tunnel covers are up, perennials by the fence and some garlic near the tunnel are mulched with leaves or hay. The pots are turned on their sides, tools and hoses are in the shed. Most beds are empty, some have winter rye seed planted. The seed went in too late to sprout yet, but it will once it warms a bit. I tucked in four small bushes that I bought at a fall sale, I’ll give them a permanent home in spring.

I haven’t made it over to my community garden plot in a while. I hope I can get a picture of that garden sometime soon. I expect the winter rye is up in nice green carpets on the beds. My bed of garlic may have small spouts up an inch covered by a layer of salt march hay. Everything else is bare I imagine.

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