fall crops – what’s growing in my garden now


dapoxetine original buy My sister was surprised that I still had vegetables in my garden. Here’s what’s there now. I think the cold will move in soon. I’m keeping an eye on the forecast.

how to buy Pregabalin from canada whats growing now IMG_9247 whats growing now IMG_9246

whats growing now IMG_9250 whats growing now IMG_9243

whats growing now IMG_9251 whats growing now IMG_9261

whats growing now IMG_9253 whats growing now IMG_9292

whats growing now IMG_9249 whats growing now IMG_9244

From top left: celeriac, green onions, escarole, green romaine lettuce, carrots, mini broccoli, leeks and cilantro, thyme’s and oregano’s, my winter tunnel set-up with many greens under mulch, and read leaf lettuce.

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