tallying my homegrown versus store bought vegetables

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I’ve weighed all the vegetables and fruits in our house now and here’s what I’ve come up with:

Garden grown: 221 lbs
Store bought: 98 lbs
Proportion of home grown: 69%

Wow. I had no idea. This includes 34 lbs of my winter squash, 19 lbs potatoes, 11 qts canned tomatoes, 75 pints of other canned fruits or vegetables and 24 lbs of fresh tomatoes ripening on my counter.

I’ll put the tally on my sidebar. I’ll keep track as we buy and grow for a year. I know the percentage will dip in winter, them come back up in spring. If I get some fruit this year, that would really help increase my homegrown percentage.

weighing produce IMG_8844

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