here’s Charley

Skippy, Suzie & Charley

Charley IMG_8483

Charley is the new puppy we are getting. He was born Aug 26 – the day Skippy died 🙁 Charley is beautiful. He’s little right now, born a week prematurely, but growing fast. The breeder can tell he’ll have long legs and a long body. I’d like a big dog – like Skippy was. We plan to bring him home Friday October 28. He’ll be 9 weeks old then.


Charley IMG_8474 Charley IMG_8480
Charley IMG_8499 Charley IMG_8502


The breeder calls our pup Inky. He is black as ink with a very silky coat. I don’t know – we prefer to call him Charley. I’m a Steinbeck fan and he had a dog named Charley.

I’m sure Suzie will love him. It will be nice for her to have another dog for company again.

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