a weekend of rain

Watching the Seasons

It’s raining. All day today and more tomorrow. it rained several days last week too. We are feeling lucky that we got our lawn over seeded, aerated, and limed just in time. We also had a big magnolia tree planted for us in the front yard. The rain is good for both of these. I hope it will fill up our reservoirs.

I keep hearing the Mellencamp song in my head “Someday the rains will come, when you expect it least…”. I guess they are here. But I think the rain in that song was an analogy. Not neccearliy meaning rain that’s coming when you least expect it. I still miss Skippy. I did not expect to lose him so abruptly. But time moves forward.

Suzie is doing well. We’re giving her double attention. She’s doing “Suzie school”, an obedience class that she excels at and loves. Walks in the woods. Special dinners. Playtimes on the floor with special toys. I have some pictures of her that I will post soon. She has learned to pose for the camera – like Skippy did. It just took a few treats. Now she loves to pose. And she is very pretty.

I canned garden vegetables all day today. I’ll show photos of them and my new pantry soon. It’s filling up. I love all the preserved pickles, jams, squashes, potatoes, and honey.

We have some news of a new addition to our family. I am very much looking forward to our new puppy. On about Nov 1, we will bring him home. I’ve been to see him a couple times. I’ll post some photos soon. Charley. He’s a Portuguese water dog from the same lineage and breeder as Skippy and Suzie. Deep black, silky fur. A spot of white on his chin and a big splash of white on his chest. He’s a great little pup and I look forward to being with him.

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