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I sold honey again at our local farmers market. This time I sold all 2 dozen lbs I brought with me and took orders for about 30 more. Now I’ve sold all of the honey I hoped to sell – about 60 lbs, half of what I had. The trick was bringing Suzie! She is a great sales dog! She got lots of attention at our little table.

honey at farmers market IMG_8179 gourds at farmers market IMG_8180

I also brought a basket full of gourds to sell. I sold a few at 50 cents each, but not many. I thought they looked pretty and maybe helped sell my honey. These were all from one giant vine that was a volunteer in my garden. I let it grow with no idea what it was. One of those compost contributions. I also had a nice butternut squash volunteer as well as a million tomatoes. the butternut produced four nice squashes – I pulled all the tomatoes.

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