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harvest 8-29 IMG_7568

This is today’s harvest from my community garden. It was boring digging potatoes alone. As a pup, Skippy would dig a bit with me. As an adult, he would bark at passersby. Not really a good think to do. I’d say “shush!”. He thought it was his garden and I was more than glad to share it with him.

The other story today is the dryness. The garden soil is rising in clouds as I dig. So dry. I’ve been watering as when I can, probably every four days, a good deep soaking. But it isn’t enough. Crops I have left in this: sweet potatoes, gourds, a few tomatoes, raspberries, and butternut squash. My tomatillos dried up and died. The beans are having more trouble from dryness than from bean beetles. The voles are prevalent and thirsty that they are eating everything. They ate an entire row of beans that I planted last week.

I have to say, I don’t think my dried out community plot is worth watering anymore. I think squash, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and raspberries will ripen and I’ll pick them. If we get rain, I’ll seed a winter cover crop. Otherwise, that’s it ’til next year. Kind of sad. A least I have my garden at home that is easier for me to water.

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