bee hives wrapped for cold

Honey Bees

I wasn’t planning to wrap my bee hives. At my bee club people usually just add insulation to the top, which I did back in November. But this is way colder than we’re used to! Predictions for tonight are 5 to 15 below 0 F (-20 to -26 C) with a gusty wind to 35 mph. So I wrapped both hives in a tarp. At least this will cut down any drafts getting in the openings.

bee hives wrapped for cold IMG_1426

As I was wrapping them, I noticed a big pile dead bees next to my weaker hive. Not so good. There were some by the stronger hives, but nowhere near as many. I went ahead and placed my order for a package of bees for mid-April from Rick at NEBees. He brings three truckloads of nucs and packages up from Georgia in April. His first truckload in early April is already sold out. I’m glad I’ve got mine ordered now. If, by any chance there are still bees in the weak hive, or either hive, I can combine them I suppose.

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