winter harvest


 winter salad tunnel IMG_4668

It seemed like a good day to open my winter tunnel. I was really curious how things looked after our cold snap down into the single digits last week. Surprisingly, it was not too bad. There were some areas on the edges, especially the north side, with mushy plants. And some plants are doing better than others. But lots of the plants look really good. The kale (Vates) and spinach (Kookaburra) look perfectly happy, romaine lettuce (Trucas) too. The leaf lettuce (Italienischer), escarole frissee, and the daikon radish looked frost bit.

I picked a whole bucket full of greens. I picked a lot of the greens at the edges that were having trouble, and most of the leaf lettuce. I picked the bok choy only because it looked so good and I though why risk it. I didn’t pick any spinach. It’s still small. I wish I’d planted more and earlier. That said, I wish I’d planted more of everything. We’ve been eating store bought greens the past month. But this tunnel is a good experiment. More next year!

I’ll probably add a photo of cleaned up greens here later. I’m hoping they make a few nice salads. I pulled some salad turnips. These were something I was testing for timing for my app, but “are not to my taste”(yukk). I think my husband like them sauteed just a little. They do look pretty.

winter salad tunnel IMG_4669 winter salad tunnel IMG_4685d
winter salad tunnel IMG_4675 winter salad tunnel IMG_4677

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