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I’ve decided on my potato selection for this year. 4 types, all from Fedco Moose Tubers:

Natascha, v. early, yellow skin/yellow flesh, waxy, high yield, high scab res
AmaRosa, mid-late, red skin/red flesh, waxy, high yield, high scab res
German Butterball, late, yellow-russet skin/yellow flesh, med/dry texture, med/high yieid, exel storage
Russet Burbank, late, russet skin/white flesh, dry texture, high yield, high scab res., exel storage

Last year I restrained my self to one variety, spaced the eyes out nicely, and ended up with a very poor harvest. I’m looking forward to abundance this year!

Jan 18: I’ve just placed my order. Some things are already selling out at Moose Tubers. Fortunately they still had the four varieties I want, but conventional only – the organic ones were sold out. I was surprised at their shipping charge of $15 on my $21 order (10 lbs total), but I want these varieties and I suppose 10 lbs isn’t like shipping little seed packets. (Thanks for the correction below.)

In placing the Burbank Russet order I see this note: “This dependable standard requires heavy feeding and regular moisture for exceptional performance.” I’ll have to remember that. I neglected both with the Russets I grew last year and had a very low harvest.

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