notes on Skippy’s planting calendar app

Garden Planning

– Use app for planning your 2016 garden: A gardener emailed me that she is already using Skippy’s planting calendar app to set up her vegetables for next year (she says: “early but I want an easy place to remember what I want to order”)

– Fixed glitch: The app had a glitch with the season transition. It was opening but
displaying nothing.
We’ve fixed this and an updated version is now available for download at Apple App Store updates.

– Android available: We’ve released an android version of the app. It’s available here: Skippy’s planting calendar android. Please let me know feedback on this version. Right now, I think it has the season transition glitch, but it will be updated and fixed soon.

– New features for 2016: We have several updates in the works for the app. By 2016 planting season, they’ll be available as a download to update your
version. As we get closer to completing them, I’ll explain the features we’re adding. We had so many good ideas from users and are excited to encorporate some .

Please let me know any feedback on this app.
I’d love to hear how you are using it and any improvements you would
suggest. And, if you have used the app this season, we’d love it if you
leave a review at Apple or GooglePlay.

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