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Harvests, Root Vegetables

harvest IMG_3394
Carrots: I’m just thinning them so for, but the little ones are tasty. The varieties from left are: Bolero, Mokum, Oxheart.

Beets: This is my first beet harvest. Four varieties from left: ???, Chiogga, Blankoma, Merlin.

And it’s my first TOMATO of the season. Yippee, but WOW, really late. (A previous harvest photo had a couple tomatoes that another gardener gave me.) The tomato variety is Tiren. The seedling was grown by Jane, a friend of my mom’s. It’s a Roma type. A super looking plant with fruit hanging heavy.

Cukes: These are both Corinto cucumbers. My Corinto vine is producing best in spite of serious wilt issues. I don’t really know if it’s “wilt” per se, not having had experience with this before, but that’s what’s going on – beetle damage to leaves without seeing the beetles (cucumber beetles carry the wilt bacterium), the leaves wilt, then the plant dies. None of my cucumbers have wilt resistance.

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