today’s garden work

Garden Work

My husband got me two nice plastic boxes that I filled with garden stuff, one for each of my vegetable gardens. The boxes are black so they won’t detract from garden beauty. The stuff: Twins, clippers, plant labels and pens, gloves (which I never wear), sunscreen, tissues, wire for hoops, fertilizer.

I added a few leftover bags of topsoil (I don’t know why we had these, I hate plastic bags of stuff) to my 6th bed, turned it, raked flat, then planted 1 row green beans (Maxibel) and 4 rows edamame soybeans (2 Butterbeans and something else). I used a two year old package of inoculant for the soybeans. Bed #6 is now half planted with room left for some succession plantings of green beans.

In planting the beans, I realized I have no room left for shell beans. I knew when I moved the asparagus earlier in the spring, I knew this would take the space of something else, but I didn’t think ahead to what it would be. Well, when the sweet potato starts arrived (forgot I ordered those) I planted the in the next available bed. The soy bean bed. So today I figured out that my decision time had come: soy beds or shell beans. No shell beans this year.

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