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My planting calendar says it’s time to plant tomatoes this week. I jumped the gun on thee and planted two werks early. This week I planted two types of sweaty peas (the flowers). A low white flowered one and tall mixed colors. And I’ll soon plant some new bok choy seeds I got. I need to transplant my broccoli into bigger pots. I planted these several weeks early. I’m watching to see when my outdoor peas come up but it’s soooooo cold this week. I’ll wait to plant more outside.

What are you planting this week?

tomato seedlings IMG_2236
These are my tomato seedlings. I have four plants each of 16 varieties, 8 of Cherokee Purple. Hmm. 72 plants. What was I thinking? A few aren’t sprouting, but the germination rate seems really good overall. I can fit about 25. My Mom will take 5 or 6, I think. That’s not even homes for half. I’d give them away at my community garden, but we are encouraging gardeners to grow late blight resistant varieties there. Maybe a table by the roadside that says – FREE TOMATO SEEDLINGS….

I’m thinking about my pepper seedlings too. I planted 6 varieties 6 each, 36 plants. Mom will want at most 10, same with me. These I can give to the community gardeners.

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